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Recent Opinion on Florida Interior Design Law

United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida issued an opinion declaring the Florida Interior Design Law requiring an interior designer to be licensed is unconstitutional.   Read the opinion below:

Recent Opinion Regarding Licensing and Interior Design Law from U.S. District Court, Northern District of Florida

Common Mistakes in Hiring an Interior Designer – Part 2


  • Do not start a project without establishing a budget first!
  • Make sure your budget for the work includes all the design fees, taxes, delivery charges, and other costs, so you don’t end up over-spending. Continue Reading »

Common Mistakes in Hiring an Interior Designer – Part 1


  • Take responsibility and do not become a victim!
  • Know with whom you are doing business! Continue Reading »

Don’t Get Caught Without Protection

Embarking on the venture of creating or redesigning the interior design dream of your home, office, or business should be rewarding and exciting, but design dreams can quickly turn, into nightmares. Contracting for design services should include protecting your rights and interests whether retaining or supervising interior designers, their products and services. The decision to choose a specialized legal team is an important one.

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IDL Will Represent Your Interest

Don’t permit interior designers to exploit the consumer’s limited knowledge in vulnerable areas such as; product costs, expenses, and fees. Unfortunately, design consumers do not possess the experience to conduct thorough interviews or detailed investigation before hiring a designer or design firm. Most design services are acquired through word-of-mouth recommendations, magazine articles or ads. This placement of trust can lead to peril. Allowing a “stranger” to purchase expensive furnishing, art, window treatments, or flooring, without a consumer-driven contract may be the direct route to disaster. Because, nearly, all consumers are unaware of the actual net costs of furnishings, protection and a verification strategy must be in the written word.

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Why a Licensed Interior Designer?

An informed educated consumer about to spend tens of thousands of dollars for interior furnishing should know in advance the person who will be entrusted with your money.

For the benefit and protection of the public Florida law requires each interior designer who has previous design education from an accredited approved school and training to apply for a license. Generally, an interior design program offered at a university and diversified interior design experience with a combination of a total of six years is a minimum requirement to obtain a license.

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